Emily Blunt: How she stuttered away to success

Life is ambiguous, isn't it? It's never as black and white as you see it in the movie. ~ Emily BluntEmily was not the most exciting girl in her school. A bit of a goody-two-shoes kind of a shy girl, she was. However, what really made her life difficult in her girlhood was that ‘little problem of hers’, the one which made her feel very awkward at times – stuttering.

Growing up in an era where effective techniques to overcome speech difficulties where unheard of, little Emily had to live with the stutter for quite a long time. Her problem became really bad between the ages of 7 to 14, further bruising her self-confidence.

Luckily, Emily had an amazing teacher who not only empathized with her but helped her grow out of her stutter. He encouraged little Emily to take part in the class play. When Emily was unsure of joining the play concerned about her speech disability, her teacher came up with a plan. He asked her to try her lines in a different voice or accent.

Though Emily found his suggestions a little weird in the beginning, she was amazed to find out how helpful it turned out to be. She used a funny northern accent to practice her lines and eventually found out that she could speak fluently in her new ridiculous accent. Being able to hear herself speak fluently helped boost her confidence to a very large extent.

After the night of the school play, things became much easier for Emily. Soon she started practicing in her original voice and accent. Emily stopped stuttering eventually and in the future went on to become a great actress. She now works closely with the American Institute for stuttering, helping kids in need with their “disability” and to strengthen their self-confidence!

Action Summary:

  • Every problem comes with a solution, whatever your problem may be; and sometimes the most weird solutions work in your favor.
  • A person who has once juggled with a problem and succeeded in overcoming it can motivate others going through the same problem to act, much better than anyone else.

~ Gitanjali Banerjee