Franklin D. Roosevelt: The political genius

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. ~ Franklin Roosevelt

After passing his bar exams in 1907, Franklin started practicing law in the city of New York. However, he soon found his job boring and confining and turned to active politics.

He learned his valuable political lessons from his success and failures alike. With his political career thriving, he accepted the nomination to run for the vice-presidential elections in 1920. However, he lost the elections by a huge margin.

Before he could recover from this huge professional loss, Franklin faced yet another setback in life. The very next year, while he was vacationing in Canada, he was diagnosed with Polio and soon the disease left him partially paralyzed. The doctors declared that his condition was incurable and Franklin found this hard to accept. He tried many unconventional treatments with no success and finally resigned to being an invalid.

This unexpected ailment broke Franklin and he almost gave up his political aspirations. However, his wife Eleanor and political confidant Louis Howe continued to encourage him. As a result of their motivation, Franklin decided to pursue his political career. He worked on his physical disabilities and practiced walking short distances on braces. Though he was wheelchair driven, Franklin was careful to not make public appearances on wheel chairs.

Meanwhile he worked on improving his personal and political image. In 1928, he was elected as the governor of New York; though with a narrow majority. This boosted his confidence and he realized that even when his body had weakened his mind and will were strong.

Franklin D. Rooselvelt went on to become one of the greatest presidents America has ever seen. Many of the reforms and policies that he had brought about are still in force.

Action Summary

  • If one can hold back fears and work towards fulfilling their dreams, they will be amazed to find what can be accomplished.

  • Life is a hard game, there will be huge setbacks that will tempt you to quit. But the more you learn to hold your head high, the more is your chances of survival!

~ Gitanjali Banerjee