Mark Zuckerberg: Little boy wonder

I think people have this core desire to express who they are. And I think that's always existed.

Social media moghul. Billionaire at 23. Founder of the largest social network – Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has successfully pioneered the social media revolution, hanging on to the belief that everyone in the world should be connected and be given a voice and to help transform society for the future.

Not many are aware though, that Zuckerberg was a child prodigy. He had taken a strong liking to communication and technology ever since he was in elementary school. He is said to write logic since he was 10! The turning point in little Zuckerberg’s life came when his dentist father introduced him to Atari BASIC programming, a type of machine language used to develop great applications back then.

The birth of ZuckNet

Zuckerberg’s father had his dental practise adjoined to the house, and the patients would be received in the hall of his house. Zuckerberg was quick to identify that his father would have to take a manual effort to coordinate with the receptionist to see his patients. Armed with Atari BASIC and a passion for connecting people, Zuckerberg came up with ZuckNet – a messaging application which connected the computers on the home and clinic network to exchange pings for incoming patients.

Not only did this solve the problem, it brought about efficiency. Zuckerberg even connected all computers in the house which enabled the family to carry out internal communications on the messenger.

To hone Zuckerberg’s thirst for programming, his father hired a private tutor to guide him and sharpen his innate talent.

Action Summary:

  • Take an effort to recognise your in-born talents, develop a focus on them and work towards nurturing them. This will place you on the growth trajectory.

  • Have faith in what you are passionate about!

  • Look for problems that need solutions.

~ Atrija Gaur