Oprah Winfrey: Strength and Courage Beyond Measure

We are responsible for our own life – no other person is or can ever be.

Oprah Winfrey is probably one of the finest example of how the whole ‘rags to riches’ concept is for real. But what we need to realise is, that there’s more in the attitude of a person that sets the ball rolling for them, than anything else.

Many may have found Oprah as an inspiration in the way she stayed strong in her troubled youth. But do you know what happened when, at the outset of her career, she was ordered to change her physical appearance to “match” the profession she chose?

Hairy tales to fairy tales

When Oprah was a co-anchor with news channel at Baltimore, she was scoffed at by the news director – “her hair was too thick, her nose too wide and her eyes too far apart. She desperately needed a transformation if she needed to survive.”

Oprah was sent to a New York saloon to get a perm done on her natural hair, which didn’t work out and resulted in leaving her bald. Having to go on air and being a woman news anchor was the worst combination she had to face.

Oprah quoted, “You learn a lot about yourself when you are Black, and a woman and bald and trying to be an anchor woman”. She admitted that she was mesmerised by the glamour of other anchor women, who had flawless guises. She overcame her shadowed existence by embracing what she had been left with – a bald scalp yet a strong attitude. She went on in her life to host her personal TV show. She became someone who is praised for who she is.

Action Summary:

  • Be who you are, not what the world expects you to be. You are recognised by your uniqueness.

  • Embrace your flaws and mistakes.

~ Atrija Gaur