Enzo Ferrari: An automotive visionary

The Ferrari is a symbol of prestige, elegance, speed and status. It’s a car that’s within reach only for the wealthy, the royal, and the famous. So how did a mule-skinner’s boy develop one of the world’s most prestigious luxury sports car brands? How did he build a racing team that has won over 40 constructor and driver championships in a sport that’s only sixty four years old?

Mary Somerville – Mathematician who found algebra in a fashion magazine

A woman born in an era where the sole purpose of a woman’s life was to look after ones husband and children, Mary Somerville was an exception. Born into an orthodox family, Mary was a wild child. However, her parents made it a point to keep their weird girl away from anything ‘improper’ for a lady. And ironically Mary first found about the love of her life in the most unusual place – a fashion magazine!

Helen Keller: Having a vision doesn’t need sight.

Helen is a gem of a person not because she got a college degree despite being blind and deaf. It is her contribution towards helping disabled people, a joy that she discovered when she was as young as 10 years old, that makes her an inspiration.

Walt Disney: Importance of letting things go

When he finally created a successful character after 10 long years of hard work, Disney’s producer stole his company and his creative works from under his nose. But he bounced back from that lowest point of his life and emerged the winner!

Peter Mark Roget: The synonymous man

One weird hobby that Peter Mark Roget had right from his childhood was making lists of things. And that is what he devoted all his time for after his retirement – in making a giant list of words. At the age of 73, he published his list of words as a book; Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, the one book that made him immortal.

Kathryn Joosten: Suburban housewife to Emmy-winning actress

Kathryn Joosten was 56 when she moved to Los Angeles wanting to make it in Hollywood. Though her chance to succeed was next to nothing, with her determination she not only became an actress, but also won two Emmy awards along with the love and affection of thousands of viewers!

Bethany Hamilton: The one armed fighter

Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer, bestselling author, inspirational speaker and a fitness expert. She achieved all these pinnacles of success not without dramatic challenges.

Alan Rickman: The late bloomer

Alan Rickman, the famous English actor, got his first big break in movies when he was 46. He had given up his successful graphic business to become an actor. When the play Les Liaisons Dangereuses, in which he was one of the lead actors, became a hit and was made into a movie, everyone involved in it became famous. That is everyone except Alan because his role was played by another actor in the movie!