Franklin D. Roosevelt: The political genius

A few years before contesting the elections Roosevelt had a polio attack which left him partially paralyzed. In spite of this he won the election and successfully led his country to progress during some of the most difficult phases in history like the World War II and the great depression.

Larry Page: Why he didn’t Google for ideas

Google CEO, Larry Page realised the prominence of nurturing great ideas in his early Google days, which helped shape his company into one of the best in the world.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: Shrugging off the stereotypes

At a time when women were unwelcome in business, women entrepreneurs were an impossible thought. It took a woman of grit to unshackle and cut her niche. Read on for the biotech Czarina’s story.

Soichiro Honda: The Self-made Entrepreneur

Soichiro Honda, a Japanese automobile engineer and industrialist, established the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and nursed the company from a small scale manufacturing unit running in a wooden shack to a multinational automobile industry.

Dhirubhai Ambani: The Equity Revolutionist of India

Dhirubhai Ambani always believed that a company’s fuel is the trust of the people. His story tells us how he won the hearts of his shareholders and mobilised the Indian equity markets, building on this trust.

Michael Jordan: The conqueror of failures

Michael Jordan is perhaps the most popular NBA star of all time. But this basketball miracle was not born in a day. In Jordan’s own words he had “failed over and over” in his life before he tasted success!

Steven Spielberg: The ardent pursuer of dreams

Steven Spielberg is one of the most influential film makers in the New Hollywood era. His movies are applauded equally by critics and audiences. His persistence is what has seen him through success after success.

Randy Pausch: An Inspiring Educationist

Randy Pausch gets the answer to why football isn’t just about the ball. Randy’s story teaches us how grasping the basics first is more important than building strategies.

Mark Zuckerberg: Little boy wonder

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s story tells us how his passion for coding helped him to intuitively begin connecting the world through the ZuckNet, all at the tender age of twelve!