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Why should you read Genius Biographies?

"Fools learn from experience. Sages learn from history." - Otto Van Bismarck

The story of Geoffrey of Monmouth and Thomas Mallory

A millennium ago, England is a small inconsequential island of barbarians, misfits, castoffs and losers. They are no where on the map in world affairs.

But that starts changing because of one Welsh monk: Geoffrey of Monmouth.

To instill pride in his countrymen, Geoffrey writes the book “The History of the Kings of Britain” that chronicles the lives of various British kings spanning close to 2000 years before 7 AD.

In it he narrates how Brutus – a descendant of the Trojan hero Aeneas (of Homer’s Illiad) first settles in Britain. And how Ceasar himself invades Britain. Geoffrey also tells us the tales of King Lear and Cymbeline and a few other Kings.

But perhaps the most well known part of his book is, he tells us the story of the rise and fall of King Arthur.

Then in early 15th century, Thomas Malory – a convict who is rotting in a prison in England – resurrects a few of these stories and writes “LeMorte D’Arthur” – the story of King Arthur and his noble knights of the roundtable!

At the same time, Gutenberg invents his printing press. And because of the printing press, LeMorte D’Arthur spreads and becomes a widely read book!

Soon, the little island of misfits, barbarians and losers start seeing themselves in a new light. They start seeing themselves as coming from a nation with a glorious history.

And then they start making some changes so that their reality reflects their history. They build one of the finest navies in the world. They invent the steam engine. And go on to conquer the world!

But here is the twist: not a word written by Geoffrey of Monmouth – who started the King Arthur craze – is true!

The Power of Biographies

If made up stories of geniuses can change the world, imagine what real stories would do?

We believe that biographies are the most potent tools to make people ambitious. To teach them worthy lessons. To spur them to take action.

The problem is most biographies are b-o-r-i-n-g. They care more about dates and chronology than about actions and lessons. Genius Biographies focus more on the lessons you can learn from great people. We want to show what made geniuses tick. How they conquered their fears and challenges. And how you can implement their ideas and strategies to grow and prosper.

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